Saturday, February 14, 2015

Handmade postcard

I made my first handmade postcard and it survived the local postal system!! If I get a handmade card accepted partner in post crossing, I might try sending one international.

Thanks for looking!


GeorgiaNeko said...

Hi there~ I'm one of your swap partners (georgianeko) for "Comment and Follow #41" on Swap-Bot.

Your illustrations are beautiful! You would be a wonderful tattoo artist! (If you're not already!)

I also love making postcards~

It says in your about me that you're a soon to be mother of 2~ Congratulations!
I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant, so that's a coincidence!

Have a nice day ♡

Ashley Starfish said...

Did you use anything to cover overtop the artwork? Or did you just send it with the naked art? I'd love to send some handmade postcards, but I feel the post office here would murder it D:

[Comment and follow #41 - AJStarfish]

Amaranth said...

Thanks ladies.

No not a tattoo artist, blood freaks me out a little. Imagine what I'd do to my poor client!

AJStarfish - I covered it with a layer of modpodge glue to seal it, just in case, and word from the other end is it survived!

Ioana said...

If I had half the talent you have, I wouldn't stop creating! Ever!
It would be cool to someday be partners on postcrossing. Seeing your card made me miss postcrossing (I stopped for a while).

ioana from comment and follow #41